Principal, Interest, Taxes Cash loan – what is worth knowing about it?

A PIT loan is a debt that allows you to quickly and without unnecessary formalities gain access to money that you can use for any purpose.

The popularity of the cash loan, which is granted on the basis of PIT, is growing every year. This is a great opportunity to avoid other formalities and gain a very quick credit decision. However, this type of debt has its own rules, check what you can expect from the bank’s offer and what conditions you must meet to be able to enjoy a PIT loan.

What makes a PIT loan different?

What makes a PIT loan different?

By choosing a PIT loan, you can be sure that the service guarantees much faster access to money. Thanks to this, you can easily determine that the offer will work in a situation where you care about quick access to cash, but you do not want to use parabank services to speed up the date when the money will be in your account.

Contrary to appearances, the loan does not differ much from the standard offer, and the customer must, in addition to the annual tax return, also provide an identity card that will allow the borrower’s identity to be verified. As in the case of a standard loan, the bank will check the creditworthiness of the potential customer and will also verify its credit history.

Before you send a loan application, you can check for yourself whether your creditworthiness will be sufficient and whether you can apply for a loan without fear, counting on a positive decision by the institution. On our site, you will find a simple credit calculator that will allow you to quickly calculate whether the loan you choose will not be too much burden, especially if you are going to apply for a high-value loan.

As in the case of creditworthiness, you also have the chance to verify whether you are in Credit Checker, as well as what information is included in such a report. You can send a free application and quickly find out if your credit history has any contraindications for the bank to give you the loan you currently need.

The biggest advantage of the PIT loan

The biggest advantage of the PIT loan

Are you interested in a loan without certificates? The PIT loan is issued without the need to provide a certificate of employment and income. It’s a great solution if you want to avoid these formalities. However, remember that based on your tax return, the bank will easily calculate how much you earn monthly, which will be the basis for calculating your creditworthiness.

If you are looking for an alternative loan option, you may be interested in services that provide a commitment based on a personal income statement. This type of offer will allow you to get money quickly, just like a PIT loan, which we discuss in this article.

For many borrowers, the possibility of applying for debt without the need to provide a certificate from the employer is a prerequisite for a willingness to use such a service.

Service restrictions

Does the PIT loan have any restrictions on standard financial services? Remember that this offer is dedicated to people who are interested in a cash loan, it is not possible to apply for a mortgage, car loan or consolidation loan based on your annual tax return. However, due to the much more flexible cash loan terms, this service may offer such minimized formalities.

Most of the non-standard services offered by banks have limitations that may make the selection of the offer less profitable if you are looking for a specific financial debt.

What restrictions can apply to a PIT loan? Below is a list of conditions that may differ and should draw your attention:

  • Maximum loan amount reduced

  • Shorter loan period

  • The need to use other bank services (e.g. personal account)

Bearing in mind that the offer may slightly differ from the standard loan, it is worth familiarizing yourself with all the conditions and considering whether this type of service will allow you to achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

Where to look for the best loan offer?

Are you sure that a cash loan will be the best solution in your situation and you want to quickly find a service that will give you access to additional funds? You don’t have to spend the whole afternoon verifying the available offers. It’s enough if you take a few minutes, and without leaving your home, having access to the Internet, you’ll be able to choose the perfect offer for you.

Remember that a well-chosen credit offer should meet all your assumptions regarding the loan’s value and repayment date while guaranteeing very favorable financial conditions. The ranking of cash loans is a great tool that will allow you to verify the available offers, also in terms of the total cost of debt.

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